About Us

Supporting LGBTQA youth through advocacy, education, leadership & social opportunities.

HandsUpMN Q Youth offers support, referrals, resources, training and connections about and for LGBTQA (lesbian, gay, bisexual,transgender, questioning, and ally) youth – who are or have experienced abuse or mistreatment – and for their families, caregivers, professional and others who care about them.

The program provides:

  • Customized training for professionals, community members and youth on a wide-range of topics.
  • Technical assistance to help organizations, clinics and schools who want to assess their LGBTQA environment and programs.
  • Resources and referrals for youth, families and professionals.

Trainings can include:

  • Bullying prevention and intervention
  • Prevention and intervention: Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse of Youth
  • LGBTQA Youth: From Self Reflection to Action
  • LGBTQA 101: Terms, facts and experiential learning
  • Gender sexuality and LGBTQA youth
  • Creating safe and welcoming environments for LGBTQA people & families
  • How to start a support group and/or GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)
  • Media Literacy
  • Violence and images of women in the media

Because every family matters, and every young person too! Everyone deserves to grow up in a family and community where they are loved and nurtured to become healthy, successful adults. Gender identity and sexual orientation never make someone a target for violence.